Amena – Review

Amena is a telecommunication provider in Spain that offers great phone deals. Currently there are two rates, one rate that offers 2 GB internet data at maximum speed and unlimited calls with 60 international minutes. SMS are for free at both rates. The difference is the included data ad the unlimited calls with the large package.
Are you looking for ADSL internet for you home? Get internet connection von amena for your home as well. They offer two packages. The large package includes 100 GB internet and costs EUR 29,95 per month. Amena is a services provided by the international telecommunication provider Orange and has special offers in Spain.
If you need a smartphone with your mobile contract, you can choose one of the many available smartphones. They currently have a wide selection of Sony Xperia phones, Iphones, Samsung Galaxy phones and many more!
Take a look at their smartphones and rates and start shopping now!